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Electric Guitars

Eastman, LTD and Yamaha Electric Guitars for sale-  Popular brands for sale at Rick's Musical Instruments. 2352 Mendon Rd. Cumberland RI. 401-658-3404
Electric Guitars by Eastman
Originating from the company Eastman Strings, founded in 1992, Eastman guitars are of great quality and are affordable as well. When the founder of Eastman, Qian Ni, began building guitars, he had decided to make an educated approach. Starting off my making archtops based upon vintage designs, Eastman guitars are truly a player's guitar. Furthermore, Eastman branched out and began building mandolins, violins, and band instruments.
LTD Guitars by ESP
ESP guitars started as a Japanese parts supplier in 1975 for many major guitar companies, until 1985, a famous artist had discovered their products and the business took off. In order to expand its signature and regular guitar lines, ESP soon stopped supplying parts for these US-based companies and began to commercialize its product. Renowned for their excellent playability and tone, ESP guitars are also affordable and reliable. What makes ESP/LTD different is the fact that their quality carries on throughout their line. Truly a players guitar, you have to feel it to beleive it! Come in and try one today!
Yamaha Electric Guitars
Yamaha electric guitars are excellent quality guitars for both the beginner and intermediate player. These guitars are both affordable and versatile, making them great for students and younger musicians.

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