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Amplifiers- Popular brands like Orange and Peavey for guitar, bass and keyboard at Rick's Musical Instruments. 2352 Mendon Rd. Cumberland RI. 401-658-3404
Orange Amplification
Founded by Cliff Cooper in East London in 1968, Orange Amplification is a British amplification company that has recently regained popularity in the United States. As far as amps go, their color isn't the only thing that stands out. From the Micro Terror up to the Rockerverb 50, these amps feature outstanding quality, versatility, and tone. Because of their lineage, Orange amps feature classic styling, all the way down to the "Pix Only" user control panels (on certain models). Orange is the preferred brand of artists like Geddy Lee of Rush and Brent Hinds of Mastadon. Come in and try one today: you won't beleive your ears!
Peavey Amps - Our Cumberland Store is an authorized retailer!
Renowned for their solid-state and hybrid modeling amplifiers, Peavey is an amp company focused on providing affordable options to both the budding musician and new-age touring artists. Particularly known for their 6505 and Valveking series, Peavey has brought forth many innovations that make the guitar amp what it is today. Their cumulative 180 worldwide patents go to show the amount of unique features that are available on Peavey amplifiers. 

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