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Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars
Our top selling Yamaha Acoustic guitars are in stock for rental and purchase.  We have student Yamaha guitars that sell complete with gig bag, guitar strap, electronic tuner, extra strings, and a starter DVD.  For the more advanced players, we have the brand new Yamaha A-Series solid top guitars which include a fitted hard shell case!  Rick’s Musical Instruments Inc. carries both steel and nylon string Yamaha guitars available in 1/2 size, 3/4 size, and 7/8 size.

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Electric Guitars

New for 2013! LTD Guitars by ESP: Rick’s Musical Instruments, Inc. is proud to announce that we are an LTD guitar dealer! Come in today to try the reliable EC-330 or H-330 models along with the ultimate “players guitar”, the EC-1000S. The guitars are equipped with active electronics and quality hardware. Shop our e-Commerce site to see what is in stock. Come in our store to try out any of these amazing guitars on our Orange amplifier line. This guitar and amp combination is simply a match made in heaven!

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Yamaha Electric Guitars
New for 2013 Rick’s Musical Instruments Inc. is proud to carry Yamaha electric guitars. We firmly believe that the quality and sound found in Yamaha guitars is superior to other guitar brands at the “big box” store while still keeping the cost to a minimum. Students from the RMI Learning Center have been using these guitars since the start of 2013 and absolutely love the comfort, play-ability, and sound these guitars produce.

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Electric Bass Guitars

Yamaha Electric Bass Guitars:
At Rick’s Musical Instruments, Inc., we love Yamaha bass guitars.  Yamaha’s great quality has found its way into their stringed instruments.   The Yamaha RBX170 bass guitars are ready to be rented complete with an amp and cable to get anyone started!  Rick’s Musical Instruments also stocks some of Yamaha’s higher end bass guitars like the BXB and the Exotic Wood series.

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Orange Amplification:
New for 2013 Rick’s Musical Instruments Inc. is proud to carry Orange Amplification! Trusted for years, Orange Amplification has proven to not only rank as one of the highest quality amplifiers, but also one of the best sounding. The Tiny Terror, Dark Terror, and Micro Terror guitar amplifier heads are worth the trip to Rick’s Musical Instruments alone. Pair any one of these heads with one of the classic Orange cabinets and your rig will be more powerful than you ever imagined!

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Peavey Amplification:
Rick’s Musical Instrument’s stocks Peavey’s Vypyr series amplifiers.  The Peavey Vypyr Series is available in 15 Watts, 30 Watts, 60 Watts (all tube), 75 Watts, 100 Watts, and 120 Watts (all tube).  Rick’s Musical Instruments also carries the Max series bass amplifiers along with Peavey’s KB series keyboard amplifiers.  Some of Peavey’s smaller amplifiers such as the Solo and Backstage are available with our rental packages.

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